VIPIN T.M tmvipinster at
Sat Mar 20 12:22:12 GMT 2010

 i am vipin tm 2nd year computer science engineering student from india.i
would like to participate in gsoc 2010.i have being using ubuntu since  2007
which urged me to apply for gsoc with ubuntu as mentoring organisation .

programming experiences

Active python developer since 2007.Have gui programming experience
with GTK 2.0 .Also developed some applications like a simple music
player and some other using above tools.I also achieved success in
some local as well as online programming competitions.

proposed ideas for gsoc 2010

1. I plan to develop a graphical troubleshooting guide for ubuntu
distributions which leads users through a sequence of troubleshooting
steps.Steps mentioned in ubuntu wiki will be taken as primary source.
The gui app can be updated with server from time to time..

2. In my second proposal i  would like to develop a gui backup utility
for ubuntu  which can
   generate backup files depending on the user preferences and an
option will also be provided for restoringh these backup files.

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