Dmitrijs Ledkovs dmitrij.ledkov at
Wed Mar 17 20:12:48 GMT 2010

On 17 March 2010 19:24, scott <tcsoccerman at> wrote:
> Andres,
> I have already picked that project and contacted my mentor. Maybe you
> should pick a different one? Thank you.
> Scott (tcsoccerman IRC)

As far as I know there is no harm for multiple people applying for the
same project and even getting accepted to do the same project. As GSoC
FAQ states - there is always a little duplication in Open-source =)

I've also contacted mentor about TestDrive ;-)

All applications will be ranked and top so many (as google decides)
will be accepted. So Let the best applications win =) Not first come,
first serve ;-)

Me personally is still finishing application. But really hope to get
in with one of the three projects I like for this summer ;-)

With regards,


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