Posted proposal for RDP in Vinagre

Brian Lavender brian at
Fri Apr 16 08:59:33 BST 2010

I was looking at the page for submitting proposals and I realized that I
was supposed to create a Wiki page as a part of my proposal.

I think this integration will be a great asset to Ubuntu and I am hopeful
to have the opportunity to work on this project. Plus, I am just about
finished with my Master's thus I would really like to have the opportunity
to work with other Ubuntu hackers. I have currently been using libglib
for my MS Project and I plan to release the code shortly.

If there are any questions or additional information needed, let me
know. Otherwise, I will be patiently waiting for April 26. ;-)

Question, I am not a regular user of IRC. How is it that I use bitchx to
join #ubuntu-gsoc ? 

If there are any questions regarding my proposal, please feel free to
contact me. I especially look for to the potential to do this project.



On Thu, Apr 08, 2010 at 12:42:57PM -0700, Brian Lavender wrote:
> I just posted a proposal for the RDP project. I said to make it public.
> Can you guys see it?
> I did a git clone of the code for Vinagre, but it complained. 
> I take it that there is an RDP library already? And this is an
> integration into the Vinagre? I was a little unsure about that.
> I see that there is another proposal out there as well. Is there a
> chance for two people to be accepted to this project? I see the
> difficulty is medium, but I have not dug much into the Vinagre code yet
> to see what is involved.
> brian
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