Ubuntu Firewall Configuration - Google Summer of Code 2007

Georgy Berdyshev codingmaster at gmail.com
Fri Apr 20 17:21:06 BST 2007

Ubuntu Firewall Configuration - Google Summer of Code 2007

Hello my name is Georgy Berdyshev. This year, I will take part in the
Summer of Code for the first time.

I am 20 years old, russian and live in Germany, close to the french
border :) in Saarbrücken.

I am active in the open source development for many years:


I have also contributed to some other projects.

The best thing about open source development is to gain a lot of
knowledge, to be able to learn from
other people and to have the possibility to present and express your
thoughts to the world.


I am deeply grateful to have obtained the chance to improve the
firewall configuration during the summer
and to be able to gain knowledge, while working on this.

This project offers me the possibility to share my work with the great
and huge Ubuntu community,
to get feedback and improve my work!

Martin Pitt will be my mentor during this Summer of Code :)


1. Discuss ideas with the community on ubuntu-devel-discuss and create
a detailled specification in the wiki
   (until end of May)

2. Define a policy language, implement basic and common features of
the iptables language interpreter with
   full automatic test coverage
   (until end of June)

3. Package the backend, boot process integration, backend documentation
   (until July 9 - for mid-term evaluation)

4. Presentation of my mid-term status to the Ubuntu community. Asking
for functionality, usability and
   bug reports, mainly on launchpad.net
   (9th July)

5. GUI implementation and backend accessibility. Adding features
according to feedbacks from the Ubuntu
   community, mainly on launchpad.net
   (until 20th August)

6. Presentation of the final results and status to the Ubuntu
commmunity, code upload to Google.
   (20th August - end of Google Summer of Code)

Application for Google Summer of Code 2007:

I hope to hear from all of you on launchpad.net :) and on the mailing lists.

Best regards, Georgy Berdyshev

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