[Ubuntu-SG] TUSG website

C David Rigby c.david.rigby at gmail.com
Fri Apr 9 09:11:16 UTC 2010

Luther Goh Lu Feng wrote:
> I would like to spend some effort learning and interacting with drupal. I would not mind keeping the site for the next 6 months to a year. Who can I talk to to prove myself trustworthy?
> Hosting wise, I am happy to share my shared hosting if there is enough space.

Hi, Luther. Thanks for the offer of help!

Our problem at the moment is that we have lost access to the server. We 
need ftp and phpmyAdmin access. Billy is the one who owns the domain 
name. He, Heidir & I are going to try to get together before I leave on 
16 Apr for a month overseas. So far, we have not found a mutually 
compatible time.

Space-wise, a few hundred MB should be sufficient. The critical factor 
is that the PHP memory limit needs to be set fairly high for all of the 
modules we are using. I cannot see what we have it set to on the 
current, in-accessible server, but 64 MB seems about right.

Stay tuned & thanks again,
David Rigby

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