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I thought it's economic crisis.
It's just harder to get now ...

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> Subject: ShipIt Changes
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> Hi All,
> One of the ways in which many people have been able to experience Ubuntu
> is via Canonical's ShipIt (http://shipit.ubuntu.com/) program, which has
> shipped millions of CDs to new users. This has provided a valuable
> opportunity for new users to try Ubuntu and for our community teams to
> obtain CDs as part of their advocacy efforts.
> Due to the sheer growth of Ubuntu, we are making a few changes to ShipIt
> which I wanted to ensure I share with you. For the details, I am going
> to turn the mic over to everyone's favorite Canonical COO, Jane Silber
> who updated us on the Canonical blog (http://blog.canonical.com/?p=264):
>    The ShipIt program (https://shipit.ubuntu.com/) has been at the core
>    of the Ubuntu project since its inception. The goal was to make sure
>    that there are no restrictions, as far as was possible, to people
>    having access to Ubuntu. In the last five years we have shipped
>    millions of CDs and seen Ubuntu’s popularity and reach grow in ways
>    that would be impossible without ShipIt.
>    And that aim continues. We need to make Ubuntu available to as many
>    people who need it, particularly those for whom the download options
>    are limited. The goal has not been to supply a CD to every Ubuntu
>    user of every version of Ubuntu. Remember, one of the coolest things
>    about Ubuntu is the way you can upgrade from one version of Ubuntu
>    to another – without the need for a CD!
>    While these CDs are often referred to as “free CDs”, they are of
>    course not free of cost to Canonical. We want to continue this
>    programme, but Ubuntu’s growth means that some changes are
>    necessary. Therefore we are adjusting how we handle CD requests to
>    try to find the right balance between availability of CDs and the
>    continued viability of the ShipIt programme.
>    We will continue to supply CDs to LoCo teams and Ubuntu members. And
>    we hope to make CDs available to everyone who is just discovering
>    Ubuntu. And we continue to search for additional ways to make Ubuntu
>    and Ubuntu materials available to everyone. But we are limiting
>    shipments to people that we think have alternative paths of getting
>    Ubuntu. For instance,
>    * you can upgrade to the new release without a CD
>    (http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading)
>    * you can download your own CD for free
>    (http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download)
>    * you will be able to download the CD wallet artwork
>    (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DIYMarketing/#CD%20Distribution%20Materials)
>    * becoming an Ubuntu member
>    (http://www.ubuntu.com/community/processes/newmember) by
>    contributing to Ubuntu, and thereby becoming eligible for more CDs
>    * And finally, you can purchase CDs (http://shop.canonical.com/)
>    We will change the language on the ShipIt site to make it clearer
>    what we are doing. We hope that you support this effort and realise
>    that the intent is to continue to make Ubuntu available on CD to
>    everyone who needs it.
>    Jane Silber, Canonical
> I hope this makes things clear. :-)
> Jono
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