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Hi All,

One of the ways in which many people have been able to experience Ubuntu
is via Canonical's ShipIt (http://shipit.ubuntu.com/) program, which has
shipped millions of CDs to new users. This has provided a valuable
opportunity for new users to try Ubuntu and for our community teams to
obtain CDs as part of their advocacy efforts.

Due to the sheer growth of Ubuntu, we are making a few changes to ShipIt
which I wanted to ensure I share with you. For the details, I am going
to turn the mic over to everyone's favorite Canonical COO, Jane Silber
who updated us on the Canonical blog (http://blog.canonical.com/?p=264):

   The ShipIt program (https://shipit.ubuntu.com/) has been at the core
   of the Ubuntu project since its inception. The goal was to make sure
   that there are no restrictions, as far as was possible, to people
   having access to Ubuntu. In the last five years we have shipped
   millions of CDs and seen Ubuntu’s popularity and reach grow in ways
   that would be impossible without ShipIt.

   And that aim continues. We need to make Ubuntu available to as many
   people who need it, particularly those for whom the download options
   are limited. The goal has not been to supply a CD to every Ubuntu
   user of every version of Ubuntu. Remember, one of the coolest things
   about Ubuntu is the way you can upgrade from one version of Ubuntu
   to another – without the need for a CD!

   While these CDs are often referred to as “free CDs”, they are of
   course not free of cost to Canonical. We want to continue this
   programme, but Ubuntu’s growth means that some changes are
   necessary. Therefore we are adjusting how we handle CD requests to
   try to find the right balance between availability of CDs and the
   continued viability of the ShipIt programme.

   We will continue to supply CDs to LoCo teams and Ubuntu members. And
   we hope to make CDs available to everyone who is just discovering
   Ubuntu. And we continue to search for additional ways to make Ubuntu
   and Ubuntu materials available to everyone. But we are limiting
   shipments to people that we think have alternative paths of getting
   Ubuntu. For instance,

   * you can upgrade to the new release without a CD
   * you can download your own CD for free
   * you will be able to download the CD wallet artwork
   * becoming an Ubuntu member
   (http://www.ubuntu.com/community/processes/newmember) by
   contributing to Ubuntu, and thereby becoming eligible for more CDs
   * And finally, you can purchase CDs (http://shop.canonical.com/)

   We will change the language on the ShipIt site to make it clearer
   what we are doing. We hope that you support this effort and realise
   that the intent is to continue to make Ubuntu available on CD to
   everyone who needs it.

   Jane Silber, Canonical

I hope this makes things clear. :-)


Jono Bacon
Ubuntu Community Manager
www.ubuntu.com / www.jonobacon.org
www.identi.ca/jonobacon www.twitter.com/jonobacon

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