[Ubuntu-SG] Does anybody have any experience with Linux Mint ?

John Thng johnthng83 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 20 12:45:57 BST 2009

On Sat, Jun 20, 2009 at 7:15 PM, Nick HS <nick at daenim.com> wrote:

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> > n Friday, June 19, 2009, suhaw koh<kohsuhaw at gmail.com>  wrote:
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> >>
> http://windows2linux.tech-no-media.com/2009/06/what-is-best-linux-distribution-for.html
> >>
> >> "For the title of easiest Linux distribution for a beginner I would
> suggest Linux Mint.
> >>
> >> Linux
> >> Mint is actually based on Ubuntu Linux, but simplified for users coming
> >> from Windows. The user interface has been tweaked to look and behave
> >> more like Windows."
> >>
> >> I am wondering if the Schools project should be on Linux Mint instead of
> Ubuntu or Edubuntu.
> >>
> >> Comments please
> On Saturday 20,June,2009 04:37 PM, Chen Xiangpeng wrote:
> > I personally think that Linux distros that attempt to emulate the
> > windows interface might  give users false expectations to which how
> > the system is expected to behave. When the system which looks like
> > windows can't perform the tasks that people expect windows to do,
> > users will be frustrated.
> >
> > I would prefer users to learn a new interface from scratch. It will
> > probably not generate expectations or misconceptions given the fact
> > that they are starting from scratch.
> >
> > My two cents :-)
> Personally I'm not overly fond of Ubuntu derivatives that refuse to work
> with Ubuntu (but happily utilise there support resources), have a
> somewhat loose term of what free software gets included (codecs, skype
> etc) and don't really do anything new (*cough* mint and crunchbang). But
> that's just me :)
> Thanks Nick
> P.S. XP did you see
> http://effiejayx.wordpress.com/2009/06/12/cool-loco-team-logo/
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Linux Mint can only be used on personal ground. Nevertheless Linux Mint is
one of best linux live cd to be carried around, since it has so much
proprietary tools, and can work with internet banking out of the cd. (I've
tested using Ubuntu Live CD, local internet banking can't work)

 And ya, I'm not really sure, if bundling those codecs in, is legal for used
in Singapore places like in schools or not. Or do they need to pay for some
of the proprietary stuff?

And usually derivatives will lag behind for updates like major distro
upgrade. You can't depend on it so much to provide the latest patches and
fixes. And of cos, you can say Ubuntu has the LTS version, but Derivatives
hardly can have LTS, partly due to the fact they do not have enough people
to maintain the customization packages they have built.

And of cos, we don't want people to trap on the windows interface for long.
Just like people emulate Mac Interface on Windows. There'll be some negative

We do want people to choose their own interface, for starters,
GNOME/KDE/XFCE. Too much windows limit one's choice.

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