[Ubuntu-SG] Free and Open Source Alliance - First AGM

Tom Goh tomgohj at gmail.com
Wed Jun 3 08:15:27 BST 2009

Dear All,

As you may or may not have known The Singapore Linux Meetup Group (SLMG) 
in partnership with many other open source groups and enthusiasts have 
been working towards the formation of the Free and Open Source Alliance 
(FOSA) in Singapore.  We registered our alliance on April 1, 2009 and 
soon after got approval from the Registry of Societies.  Our goals for 
this Alliance are:

1. To promote the use of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in 
Singapore through advocacy and education;
2. To create an alliance of Free and Open Source Software groups in 
Singapore that will serve as a unifying resource for the entire Free and 
Open Source Software community of Singapore;
3. To act as a conduit between  the Free and Open Source Software 
community and academia, business, government and the public of Singapore;
4. To be a vendor-neutral organization;
5. To groom and support the future Free and Open Source Software leaders 
of Singapore.

As part of our requirements with the Registry of Societies, we are 
required to hold our Annual General Meeting (AGM) within 3 months of the 
formation of a Society.  As such, SLMG will be using the June Meetup to 
hold our AGM.  During this meeting we will need to conduct our first 
general election and then followup with some administrative items.  As 
this is a critical step we will require your support to make this a 
successful event.

If you are interested in running for a position within the organization 
please contact me and I will add you to the ballot.  The positions that 
are being elected into are the following:

  - President (Currently Held by Darrel Chua)
  - Vice-President
  - Secretary (Currently Held by Thomas Goh)
  - Assistant Secretary
  - Treasurer
  - Assistant Treasurer
  - Five (5) other Full Members in the posts of Ordinary Members of the 
Executive Committee.

Following the election of the posts, we will discuss a number of items 
that we need to get sorted out.

1. Establishment of a Bank Account.
2. Establisnment of Membership Dues.
3. Registration of new members.
4. Official Support of Software Freedom Day.
4. Any other business that requires attention.

To find out more about how FOSA will be managed, please see our 


Please RSVP here:


Tom Goh

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