[Ubuntu-SG] ideas for ubuntu-sg (was: ubuntu.sg contains spam posts)

Jett Tayer jett at bsd.ph
Fri Jun 13 01:18:22 BST 2008

> Ubuntu, or for the matter, any other linux distro, is lacking in press 
> coverage here. Although there is a weekly article on Ubuntu in DL, it is 
> not enough if we want to push the adoption rate of Ubuntu higher. Ubuntu 
> needs more publicity here. We could start by writing some articles to be 
> published in companies'/schools'/polytechnics'/universities'... 
> newsletter. Mozilla's marketing for firefox is a good model for this. 
> (Side note: firefox 3 is on RC2 now)
> |> Still waiting for a cool name.  My kiasu mentality thinks "Kiasu" for
> |> a group name might come back and haunt us. lol
> |> But "Kiasu Ubuntu Users", that sounds slightly better.
> It seems good to me. Though of the following tag line, a bit long 
> though:"Kiasu Ubuntu Users" where we only uses the best software

For a start i believe we need to post articles featuring companies here
that uses ubuntu as their day-to-day server.

- Jett

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