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John Thng wrote:
| On Thu, Jun 12, 2008 at 11:19 PM, Rykel™ (Aen™) <rykel98 at gmail.com 
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|     Hi John,
|     Welcome and it all sounds great! I have used Ubuntu since Warty 
Wathog, and will be most happy to share my Linux experience with people. 
Let me know if you have some pre-existing slides which need a speaker, 
or help in any area. See you all around soon.
|     Regards,
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| Okay thanks :)
| Anyway, as for the PC Show, some times it's disappointing that despite 
they market Ubuntu pre-installed laptops to be cheaper, the salesman do 
not know much to promote it.
| Regards
| John
Maybe we could come out with a salesman-guide to ubuntu? and distribute 
it to the companies that sell ubuntu based laptop for their salesmen (or 
distribute it straight to the salesman)? Although we may not be able to 
rush it out now, but there should be enough time for the upcoming 
it-show (not sure what is it called) in Sep or Nov/Dec 2008?

Also, we could have a why-use-ubuntu guide for users to be distributed 
together with the laptops?

A rough flowchart on how we may go about doing it.

1) Gather information on why-use-ubuntu from website like ubuntu marketing.
2) Compile it with some fancy graphics.
3) Print it.
4) Distribute it.


Rui Boon
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