[Ubuntu-SG] ubuntu.sg contains spam posts

Hariz Yet harizyet at singnet.com.sg
Wed Jun 4 16:45:19 BST 2008

"Unfortunately, I have no experience with creating a wiki.  But with a small group, I don't see a problem with individual blogs, members with a howto can post it and provide a link."

I have some knowledge in that field. Yes, i finally came out of the woodwork to post in the mailing list. Either way, if you need a hand in setting up any of the proposed plan, i maybe of assistance. 
However, there are some things we need to clarify. a wiki would be useful in some cases, but there must be a ubuntu advocate group in singapore as well. If not the wiki will only be serving us. A certain amount of "Advertising" must be done to ensure all of our work put into it is not only for show to a limited amount of people. We may use ubuntu, but would that mean, others might as well? Have a somewhat publicized grouping and then we can push on ahead with an expansion from a newsletter group. Also, if there is already a substantial number of people in this mailing list, could i suggest setting up a small forum as well. it would do well to show the community in singapore is of substantial size to the ubuntu community leaders before they give us LoCo. If there are a number willing, and have some free time to spare, why not we build a ubuntuSG flavor as well. Reprogram it a bit and redesign it to be more Singaporean. Well that's just an IMHO. Some stuff needs to be done before we can springboard the Singapore ubuntu to prominence.


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