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Maung Myat Thu @ Billy Aung Myint billy at ubuntu.sg
Wed Jun 4 04:01:03 BST 2008

On Tue, 2008-06-03 at 13:15 +0000, Chew EK wrote:
> > Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2008 00:01:16 +0800
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> > To: chewek at hotmail.com
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> > Subject: Re: [Ubuntu-SG] ubuntu.sg contains spam posts
> > 
> > > To break out of this Catch-22, can somebody propose something
> > interesting to get people out of the woodwork and then we can all
> > contribute
> > > towards the something-interesting project ?
> > 
> > From the archive of this mailing list, there are some good idea.
> > 1) "have a small local wiki to post nice tips that we collect from
> the
> > ubuntu forum." [1]
> > -> Maybe this could be implemented with the forum idea by Chew
> The social group feature in ubuntuforums are quite rudimentary at the
> moment, quite similar to this mailing list, where having conversations
> are ok, but it is not possible to create separate threads.  Only Loco
> Team with their sub-groups have the full forum features.  But I do
> feel the social group feature is more user friendly that the mailing
> list.
> Expanding on the wiki idea, rather than collecting from ubuntu forums,
> we could concentrate on issues with local context.  What I meant by
> that is, e.g. the post in the ubuntu.sg: *HOWTO: Connect to Singapore
> M1 Broadband with Huawei E220 USB Modem on Ubuntu Dapper* 
> Since the howtos in ubuntu wiki and forums are excellent by
> themselves, I would prefer links to the relevant pages.
> Unfortunately, I have no experience with creating a wiki.  But with a
> small group, I don't see a problem with individual blogs, members with
> a howto can post it and provide a link.
> > 2) Printing and distributing free "Powered by ubuntu" stickers [2]
> > 3) Hold school events/fairs [3]
> I recently did an introduction presentation about ubuntu to my
> colleagues.  The funny thing is most of the audience is only impressed
> by Compiz Fusion, nevermind that I spend some effort advocating ubuntu
> is free in many sense of the word.  I guess "free" MS Windows is still
> prevalent. :-)
> Then again, these are "jaded" working people, they don't get excited
> about cool software or OS.  Maybe could do better with a younger
> crowd.

I disagree with the point that they don't get excited because they are
jaded. It is because they don't see the value. Imagine companies publish
how much they pay for their software every year and how it prevents
giving out bonuses, you will find your colleagues suddenly become
interested in how to use Linux at work to save money.

Its always been like this in Singapore. Every decisions is controlled by
managers who know shit about technology , whose aim is to cover their
own ass and get bonus. So unless bonus are linked to budgets , they will
forever use whatever is popular , never mind if it fits the problem at
hand. Ask if any managers know more than Windows and Java and you be

Bottom line is Singapore companies/schools go around pleasing everyone
they know ... pathetic. But thats also the reason why Singapore is so
predictable and thats why all the companies have HQ or regional HQ here
instead of other cheaper workers/more resources/cheaper land countries.
Here no riot even if you go around sending invoices to everyone for the
idiotic patent that would be thrown out of court in any country. You can
do anything you want as long as it has "business interest". 

Hell, I bet i can send invoices to people for not using Ubuntu and all I
get will be complains and letters .... pretty tame here...


> > > Anyways, to date, the suggested names are:
> > > Kiasu (chew)
> > > Singapore Happenings (rykel)
> > > Singapore Circle (rykel)
> > >
> > Personally, i don't think there is a need to mention Singapore in
> the
> > name. After all, i think everyone, to some extent, will associate
> > themselves (whether negatively or positively) with "kiasu". Thus it
> is
> > still the best candidate for the name.
> > 
> > Keep the ideas flowing
> Still waiting for a cool name.  My kiasu mentality thinks "Kiasu" for
> a group name might come back and haunt us. lol
> But "Kiasu Ubuntu Users", that sounds slightly better.
> regards
> Chew
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