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May I add my 2 cents to this conversation?

If we try to sell the merits of Clouding and we show people how far Google
Docs (or even Adobe Docs) has come, they are more likely to try it out -
although they will still go back to MS Office simply because it has a more
familiar interface.

As for AbiWord, I supported it for a long time due to the fact that I am an
Autopackage evangelist and ABiWord releases an autopackage version of their
software back then, but I can tell you, it was always sitting on my harddisk
as an ornament.

The worse problem with Abiword was within itself... the file format that it
saves to can lose document formatting or even data when it is reopened in
Abiword the next time. I can no longer remember the details, but it was
along that line...

btw, for those of you who are interested, I have run EeeXubuntu, Ubuntu
Hardy, Eeebuntu Hardy, Mandriva, EeePCLinuxOS and Compiz, Netbook Remix etc.
on my EeePC 4G... the slimmest of them all would be EeePCLinuxOS (they use
disk compression) BUT the most user-friendly and where at least 90% of
hardware works - Eeebuntu.

If you need help or have specific questions about Linux on EeePC, just ask
me, I might have some answers.

Best Regards,

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2008/8/7 Chew EK <chew4097 at gmail.com>

> On Thu, Aug 7, 2008 at 8:43 AM, suhaw koh <kohsuhaw at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi Chew EK,
>> 2008/8/6 Chew EK <chew4097 at gmail.com>
>>> 1. I recently bought an Asus eeePC.  I already researched the eeePC's
>>> Xandros OS, and have decided to replace it with Ubuntu.  But before
>>> purchase, I wanted to see how knowledgeable the sales person was about
>>> Linux.  It came as no surprise that I was disappointed about her lack of
>>> knowledge.  In fact, while talking to the sales person, I noticed other
>>> browsing customers were more interested in the Windows version.
>> Will you be replacing Xandros with eeebuntu ?  Do share your experience.
> I replaced with standard Ubuntu.  It's running a bit slow, since standard
> Ubuntu is not optimized or slimmed down.  But, I'm not sure if I want to try
> again with eeebuntu; it took too much time to install.
> You can read my install experience (plus various Ubuntu, Linux, engineering
> journals), at: blog.chewearn.com
>> 2. I recently tried to edit a document in OpenOffice.  It was an old MS
>>> Word file, and I no longer have Windows and MSOffice installed in anything.
>>> Importing the document into OO resulted in a mess.  In the end, I resorted
>>> to re-typing the entire document in native OO format (odt file).  Then, I
>>> hit on another problem.  I couldn't send the odt file to anyone else.  I
>>> have to send a converted pdf instead.  But some of the recipients need a MS
>>> doc file, so I save a doc copy and send that.  Unfortunately, opening the
>>> doc in MSOffice showed some differences in formatting.  I have to borrow a
>>> friend's PC, and after many trial and errors, I finally got the odt and doc
>>> to be exactly the same.
>> Have you tried Abiword ?  OOo is good when you need the range of Office
>> apps.  Abiword is more focussed on just the word processing module and does
>> not offer the other office modules.  Personally, I use Abiword and Gnumeric
>> which meets most of my needs, and power up OOo only when I need to read the
>> occasional powerpoint.
>> The other option is Google Docs.  That way, you can share your documents
>> without the need to send large attachments everywhere.
> That's for the suggestion on Abiword.  I only used OpenOffice occasionally,
> so it's not a big deal; but I mentioned the experience to say that
> unfortunately, in a world full of MSOffice, your needs might not be solved
> by switching to OpenOffice because it's not 100% compatible.
> Google Docs is nice, but I can tell you the average person/company I need
> to send the document to would be clueless.
>>> 3. A while back, I started this social group in ubuntuforums: Kiasu
>>> Ubuntu Users <http://ubuntuforums.org/group.php?groupid=167>.  Looking
>>> at the posts, you can see I am mainly talking to myself over there, lol.
>> Okay, I have signed up there but not frequented it much.  Will try to do
>> so more.
>> Cheers.
>> suhaw
> Thanks.
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