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Maung Myat Thu @ Billy A.M billyam at linuxasia.org
Fri Oct 20 12:45:52 BST 2006

> Hi Billy,
> Thanks a lot for your welcome!
> I am using Ubuntu Dapper Drake on a Toshiba M40 laptop, running
> Centrino-based wifi with NVIDIA GeForce 6600...

Hi Rykel ,

          How is the wireless on the centrino-based laptops? Wireless is
always the topic at the #ubuntu on freenode. And also Nvidia?
Should be fine... I myself is using nvidia , geforce 5500

> As for something about myself, well, let's see... I am a Linux advocate
> and
> lover... and I am currently supporting the Evangelism efforts at
> Autopackage. (see http://www.autopackage.org >> look into the team members
> and you can see my pic there!)

Great!! Next time pls update us on the autopackage news :P I have been
following it for a while but somehow I have not seen any support by a
major program such as flash/nvidia/java where they are needed to install
on multiple distros. I think autopackage will fit them perfectly.

> As for job, I am the chief organiser for Hubbing... not sure if you have
> already heard about that, though! Hubbing is a public event where members
> of
> the public come and share their fav topics on anything that can enrich
> people's lives... (see my signature below for some examples)

Never heard of HUBBING before but now I have :P Btw , isn't "hubbing" a
starhub's word??

> In fact, speaking of Hubbing, I spoke on "PC and You" a month ago, and
> showed the audience how to use Ubuntu... and the response was GREAT
> Later tonight, the HUbbing topic will be "Peace of Mind Thru'
> Meditation"...
> at SAFRA Toa Payoh 730pm... so if you guys are free, you are most
> welcome...
> free entry.
> Lastly, I stay in the MacPherson area of Singapore (ard Sennett Estate)...

Sorry for not coming to the event but I will try to come if I could make
it next time... I promise :P

> What about all of you here? Care to give me an intro too??

Basically , I started playing with linux in sec 2 , 7 or 8 years ago , and
I joined LUGS (Linux User Group of Singapore) when I was in my poly. I
also joined my poly's , ngee ann , linux group and together with LUGS , we
started "Linux Day" or "Opensource Day" for all the polys we can contact
and also helped them to form their own user groups. I myself gave a talk
on one of them.

After I left my poly , I went to work as programmer/sysadmin in one of
local companies. Currently , I am on the exco team of the LUGS and after
seeing how Singapore is not represented on the wiki , I put it there and
requested for this list.

I have handled most of the distros including sles,rhel and so on and on
... but ubuntu is my fav of course :P


> Go Linux.
> Best Regards,
> Rykel
> Gizmo.Skype.GoogleTalk.Yahoo/MSN.eBay: rykel98
> Are you HUBBING?
> http://www.OpenSG.info
> ::: Next Hubs on Fridays, 15 September and 20 October 2006, at SAFRA Toa
> Payoh :::
> Developing Good Neighbourly Ties, Make Your Money Work For You, PC And
> You,
> Meditation For Peace Of Mind, Baby And You (I and II), ABCs Of Health (I,
> II
> and III), Benefits Of Recycling, Appreciating Vegetarian Foods, Beating
> Stress Through Music, Let's Dance (I and II), Photography Expert Tips,
> Time
> Management, And More!!!
>    2.  Hi Rykel and Justin (Maung Myat Thu @ Billy A.M)
>> Hi Rykel and Justin ,
>>                       Welcome to the ubuntu-sg mailing list. Are you
>> guys
>> currently using ubuntu on desktop or laptop? Could
>> you guys give a little more info about yourself and
>> your experience with ubuntu? Thanks and welcome! :P
>> regards
>> billy
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