Wednesday bug triage report

Athos Ribeiro athos.ribeiro at
Wed Mar 9 20:02:08 UTC 2022

Bugs last updated on 2022-03-08 (Tuesday)
Date range identified as: "Wednesday triage"
Found 24 bugs

Most of these are in good hands. A few of them are worth mentioning: - (Triaged)        [apache2]           - AH00526 when using long ProxyPass worker name
   I tagged this as server-triage-discuss. I was unsure if we need a new bug for
   the new upstream fixes or if we can follow-up in this bug. - (New)            [libp11]            - Wrong certificate returned if multiple certs have same labeā€¦
   There is an upstream patch ready and reviewed (still not merged). I
   subscribed the team to this one. I suppose we can backport the patch once it
   gets merged upstream. - (New)            [bind9]             - host crashed with SIGABRT in isc_assertion_failed()
   I could easily reproduce it locally. I Found Debian and upstream bug reports
   pointing to the same issue. As discussed offline with Robie, the coredump
   available in the bug report may contain sensitive data. Therefore, I filed
   LP: #1964400 to publicly address the issue and tagged it server-todo.

Bugs tagged "-needs-merge -needs-sync -needs-oci-update -needs-snap-update -needs-mre-backport -needs-ppa-backport" and subscribed "ubuntu-server" and not touched in 60 days
Found 0 bugs

Bugs subscribed to ubuntu-server and not touched in 180 days
Found 0 bugs

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