Wednesday bug triage

Athos Ribeiro athos.ribeiro at
Thu Feb 10 21:28:59 UTC 2022

Bugs last updated on 2022-02-08 (Tuesday)
Date range identified as: "Wednesday triage"
Found 18 bugs

 From those, there are two worth mentioning: - *(New)           [ocfs2-tools]       - OCFS2 intermittently not mountable on a second Node in Ubun…
   This has already been mentioned here this week. The team is already
   subscribed, but we still have no reproducers nor a root cause. I asked for
   more infromation from the reporter. - (New)            [mysql-8.0]         - 8.0.28-0ubuntu0.20.04.3 Breaks SSL Connectivity to MySQL < …
   TLS 1.0 support was dropped after the latest security update. I replied
   pointing to the relevant changelogs and subscribed the server and security

Athos Ribeiro

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