Wednesday Triage Report (2021-05-19)

Bryce Harrington bryce.harrington at
Wed May 19 22:10:46 UTC 2021

On Wed, May 19, 2021 at 02:26:10PM -0400, Sergio Durigan Junior wrote:
> ustriage found 23 bugs.  These are the noteworthy ones:
> ### - +(New) [apache2] - apache2-bin declares
>     httpd, but does not provide webserver
> I don't understand why this bug showed up in my triage.  The last update
> on it (according to the full activity log) happened in 2014.  Not sure
> if there's anything to do here.
> ### - (Confirmed) [apache2] - Apache2 with PHP
>     FallbackResource doesn't work when Request-URI is / and encoding is
>     gzip
> Another one I don't understand.  And it's also against apache2.
> ### - (Invalid) [apache2] - 232403
> OK, I'm convinced that something happened with the apache2 package which
> caused all these bugs to show up :-).

I have no explanation for the first two, but I was browsing bugs for
various packages yesterday looking for untriaged ones to use in the
interview.  This last one was useless so I closed it, so that's the
change there.  The other two have nothing in their activity log, and I
don't recall making any changes to them, but too weird to be just

> ### - (Confirmed) [exim4] - Fix for
>     CVE-2020-28007 causes build failure when DMARC is enabled
> This bug happens only when the user tries to compile his own version of
> exim4 to enable dmarc, apparently.  The security team told me they are
> not going to work on this.  The fix seems simple, and the bug is already
> marked as Confirmed.  I subscribed ubuntu-server, set the priority to
> Low and left a comment saying that it's unlikely this will be fixed
> soon.  Not sure if there's anything else to do here.

We'd discussed maybe doing a re-merge of exim4 late in the cycle, so if
we do it might be worth looking at then.  I've added a card:

It seems likely we'll have at least one more new engineer in the coming
months, so having this task open would make a great starter task.

> ### - (New) [mysql-8.0] - package mysql-server-8.0
>     8.0.25-0ubuntu0.20.10.1 failed to install/upgrade: installed
>     mysql-server-8.0 package pre-removal script subprocess returned error
>     exit status 1
> The user installed MariaDB and then tried to purge MySQL, which led to
> errors.  I explained the situation and asked him to try the inverse
> steps.  Also marked the bug as Incomplete.

Yep, maria and mysql don't get along at all.  I poked around looking for
the doc that Robie mentioned at standup, I think this is it?

Also see:

These links would probably be worth including in bug reports about root
causes relating to mysql+mariadb.

A Debian user that switches to Ubuntu might have a use case of interest
here, since the default db on Debian is mariadb.


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