Triage report (2021-06-28 - Monday triage)

Paride Legovini paride at
Mon Jun 28 13:13:29 UTC 2021

Found 15 bugs. As part of the triage process I marked a couple of them 
Incomplete asking for more info, but they're very likely local 
configurations issues.

We got a ping for:

LP: #1894618 - (Triaged)        [samba]          - samba vfs glusterfs 
shares do not work because is missing from samba-vfs-modules

but it's correctly triaged as Wishlist, and I left it alone.

This one surprised me a bit:

LP: #1933378 - (New)            [requests]       - Unable to build from 
source mongodb-server-core - focal

as it seems that src:requests 2.22.0-2ubuntu1 when uploaded to focal 
left src:mongodb without a build-dep, and the thing went unnoticed as of 
today. Note: src:mongodb is in Universe and has been dropped from Debian 
( - licensing 
issues) and as a consequence from post-Focal releases.

No bugs added to our work queues.


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