Wednesday Triage Report (2021-06-23)

Sergio Durigan Junior sergio.durigan at
Wed Jun 23 18:55:49 UTC 2021

ustriage found 22 bugs.  These are the noteworthy ones:

### - *(Triaged) [openldap] - slapd enter in
    infinite loop on sched_yield syscall

I've been meaning to talk to the team about this one, but I keep
forgetting.  I want to help the user here, but I haven't had the time to
try to backport the patch (and I don't know how hard that will be).  For
now, I instructed the user to use my PPA which contains the "fix" for
his problem, but eventually I'd like to talk to Robie or someone from
the SRU team again about this.

### - *(Triaged) [unbound] - DoH support is

I think this is a good next bug for Athos, so I pinged him.

### - (New) [openssh] - window title in mate
    terminal not change after I logout from ssh

Invalid; it's a MATE configuration.

### - (Confirmed) [open-vm-tools] - Open-vm-tools
    release 11.3.0 has been released

Just a regular update request.  I subscribed Christian to this bug since
he's the person assigned to do the merge of the package (in July,

### - (New) [freeradius] - package freeradius-ldap
    3.0.20+dfsg-3build1 failed to install/upgrade: »installiertes
    freeradius-ldap-Skript des Paketes post-installation«-Unterprozess gab
    den Fehlerwert 1 zurück

Incomplete.  Asked for more info.

### - (New) [php7.4] - package
    libapache2-mod-php7.4 7.4.3-4ubuntu2.4 failed to install/upgrade:
    installed libapache2-mod-php7.4 package post-installation script
    subprocess returned error exit status 1

Incomplete.  Asked for more info.

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