Bug triage report for 2021-01-11 (Tuesday triage)

Lucas Kanashiro lucas.kanashiro at canonical.com
Tue Jan 12 18:36:34 UTC 2021

Thanks for the feedback Thomas and Robie. I removed the
server-triage-discuss tag.

On Tue, Jan 12, 2021 at 12:18 PM Robie Basak <robie.basak at ubuntu.com> wrote:

> I replied in the bug.
> My view:
> 1. It is common that a configuration change away from default requires
> more than one configuration file to be changed so as not to break the
> system. This is one of those cases. Another common case, for example, is
> that having a service bind to an address often requires both the service
> to be configured to do that, and the service definition in systemd to be
> configured to now depend on the interface being configured. In general,
> I don't think we can resolve these cases. In specific situations we
> might be able to make the UX smoother. But in general, it's a required
> part of operating a server that you change configuration in all the
> places that it is required. None of this affects the use cases that we
> support; this is only stipulating the correct method to configure your
> server to achieve specific outcomes that remain supported.
> 2. Debian's policy, which we inherit, is that services should be
> configured and running some sensible default in the common case, after
> apt is finished. However, for automation, which is common now in the
> server world, the policy provides a mechanism to prevent the start of a
> service during package installation to allow for its configuration.
> IMHO, all automation tooling should do this by default, and it's
> generally incorrect not to do it if you're immediately going to
> reconfigure and restart the service anyway.
> Put these two things together, and I believe that the use case presented
> is resolved, and there's therefore no bug. I asked in the bug for
> confirmation.
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