Triage report (2021-02-25). Highlight: postfix regression in Hirsute possibly caused by glibc

Paride Legovini paride at
Thu Feb 25 14:14:55 UTC 2021

Found 17 bugs, worth mentioning are:

LP: #1916541 - (Incomplete)     [postfix]        - smtp fatal: unknown 
service: smtp/tcp, probably after libc upgrade

Regression in Postfix possibly caused by one of the latest glibc 
uploads. I added steps to reproduce, raised the bug Importance, added a 
glibc task and subscribed the team.

The bug report contains good debugging info. Even assuming that this can 
be fixed in Postfix we should identify what caused the regression, as 
other packages may be affected.

LP: #1916729 - (New)            [nss]            - libnss3 package in 
Ubuntu 20.10 ships files under `/usr/lib/${DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH}` 
literally without expansion

Confirmed, Fix Released in 2:3.55-1ubuntu4 (uploaded to Hirsute).
Bug still present in Groovy. Subscribed the team.

Bitesize bug.

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