Triage report (2021-04-09)

Paride Legovini paride at
Fri Apr 9 16:08:50 UTC 2021

Pair triage done with Utkarsh. Most of the bugs we looked at are already 
in good hands or in their final state. There are however two bugs worth 

[open-iscsi] iscsid fails to log out from target on shutdown

I don't have a setup to reproduce this, but the bug is well researched 
by the user. The package ships an Ubuntu-specific finalrd hook 
(open-iscsi.finalrd) which however doesn't install libnss and a minimal 
passwd in the finalrd, and this causes an unclean shutdown on system 
running on an iSCSI root.

The user proposed a reasonable fix which we should probably integrate in 
open-iscsi's iscsi.finalrd. The difficult part here is the verification, 
as it requires an iSCSI root filesystem. I tagged this server-next as I 
think it's actionable.

[haproxy] HAProxy 2.0.13 does not close connection even though 
"connection: close" is sent, leaves many connections in CLOSE-WAIT state 
for HEAD-method requests

I've been able to reproduce the issue locally and to verify that it 
doesn't happen with haproxy 2.0.21 from (note: 
~vbernat maintains haproxy in Debian and haproxy is currently a sync). 
However I couldn't spot which upstream change could have fixed the 
problem (more details in my comment).

I wonder if we should bisect or consider SRUing the latest haproxy 2.0.x 
as a "new upstream microrelease", given that according to the changelog 
upstream never lands new features in patch level releases [1].

Tagged server-triage-discuss.



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