Triage Report Monday+Tuesday

Christian Ehrhardt christian.ehrhardt at
Tue Oct 27 15:25:38 UTC 2020

This covers the triage of the weekend as well as today and I was
looking at 31 bugs that had recent activity.
After sorting out those already under control and being worked on I
had ~15 left to look at in more detail.
Of those a few might be interesting for everyone:
A new version of open-vm-tools. I usually handle those together with Bernd
and assigned this to myself but also subscribed the team in case I get run
over by a bus or such.
A regression in libvirt that is easy to fix but needs 21.04 to open before
I can do so. There was also another report which essentially is a dup.
I already added a SRU template in preparation and subscribed the team
 + tagged server-next.
Instability with IVSHMEM but we will need more info. I have subscribed
the team and asked for some more tests on the affected system.

Christian Ehrhardt
Staff Engineer, Ubuntu Server
Canonical Ltd
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