Merge Opportunities Report - 2020-10-19

Bryce Harrington bryce.harrington at
Mon Oct 19 15:07:15 UTC 2020

New Version in Debian Unstable
high  at                               3.1.23-1.1                 3.1.23-1ubuntu2                  
low   amavisd-new                      1:2.11.1-4                 1:2.11.1-2ubuntu1                
low   apr                              1.7.0-3                    1.6.5-1ubuntu1                   
low   beautifulsoup4                   4.9.3-1                    4.9.1-1                          
low   cherrypy3                        8.9.1-7                    8.9.1-6                          
low   chrony                           4.0-2                      3.5.1-1ubuntu2                   
low   containerd                       1.4.1~ds1-1                1.3.7-0ubuntu3                   
low   corosync                         3.0.4-2                    3.0.3-2ubuntu3                   
low   drbd-utils                       9.15.0-1                   9.13.1-1                         
low   edk2                             2020.08-1                  2020.05-5                        
low   exim4                            4.94-8                     4.94-7ubuntu1                    
low   fetchmail                        6.4.12-1                   6.4.8-1                          
low   freeradius                       3.0.21+dfsg-2              3.0.21+dfsg-1ubuntu2             
low   golang-github-mattn-go-colorable 0.1.7-1                    0.1.6-1                          
low   golang-pretty                    0.2.1-1                    0.2.0-1                          
low   ipmctl                                
low   ipmitool                         1.8.18-10                  1.8.18-9                         
low   jq                               1.6-2                      1.6-1                            
low   keepalived                       1:2.1.5-0.2                1:2.0.19-2.1                     
low   kronosnet                        1.19-1                     1.18-1ubuntu1                    
low   libhx                            3.25-2                     3.24-1                           
low   libp11                           0.4.11-1                   0.4.10-1                         
low   libseccomp                       2.4.4-1                    2.4.3-1ubuntu4                   
low   libtirpc                         1.2.6-3                    1.2.6-1build1                    
low   liburing                         0.7-1                      0.6-3ubuntu1                     
low   libvirt                          6.6.0-2                    6.6.0-1ubuntu3                   
low   logwatch                         7.5.4-1                    7.5.4-0ubuntu3                   
low   mako                             1.1.3+ds1-1                1.1.2+ds1-1                      
low   memcached                        1.6.7+dfsg-3               1.6.6-3ubuntu1                   
low   mod-wsgi                         4.7.1-3                    4.7.1-2                          
low   ndctl                            70.1-1                     69-1build1                       
low   net-snmp                         5.9+dfsg-3                 5.8+dfsg-5ubuntu1                
low   net-tools                        1.60+git20181103.0eebece-1 1.60+git20180626.aebd88e-1ubuntu2
low   nspr                             2:4.28-1                   2:4.27-1                         
low   nss                              2:3.56-1                   2:3.55-1ubuntu3                  
low   nut                              2.7.4-13                   2.7.4-12ubuntu1                  
low   openldap                         2.4.54+dfsg-1              2.4.53+dfsg-1ubuntu1             
low   openvpn                          2.5~rc2-1                  2.4.9-3ubuntu1                   
low   pax                              1:20200904-1               1:20190825-1                     
low   php7.4                           7.4.11-1                   7.4.9-1ubuntu1                   
low   pmdk                             1.9.1-3                    1.9-2                            
low   postgresql-12                    12.4-3                     12.4-1                           
low   postgresql-common                221                        216                              
low   python-acme                      1.8.0-1                    1.6.0-1                          
low   python-certbot                   1.8.0-1                    1.7.0-1                          
low   python-cffi                      1.14.3-2                   1.14.2-1                         
low   python-cryptography              3.1-1                      3.0-1                            
low   python-ddt                       1.4.1-2                    1.3.1-3                          
low   python-itsdangerous              1.1.0-3                    1.1.0-2                          
low   python-markdown                  3.3.1-1                    3.2.2-2                          
low   python-tornado                   6.0.4-3                    6.0.4-2                          
low   qemu                             1:5.1+dfsg-4               1:5.0-5ubuntu9                   
low   rabbitmq-server                  3.8.9-1                    3.8.5-1                          
low   ruby2.7                          2.7.2-2                    2.7.1-3ubuntu1                   
low   ruby-defaults                    1:2.7+2                    1:2.7+1                          
low   runc                             1.0.0~rc92+dfsg1-5         1.0.0~rc10-0ubuntu2              
low   ssh-import-id                    5.10-1                     5.10-0ubuntu1                    
low   strongswan                       5.9.0-1                    5.8.4-1ubuntu2                   
low   subunit                          1.4.0-2                    1.4.0-0ubuntu1                   
low   tftp-hpa                         5.2+20150808-1.2           5.2+20150808-1.1ubuntu1          
low   unbound                          1.12.0-1                   1.11.0-1                         
low   whois                            5.5.7                      5.5.6                            

New Version in Experimental
high  tmux                      3.2~rc2-1                 3.1b-1                   
low   dpdk                      20.08-1                   19.11.5-1                
low   haproxy                   2.2.4-1                   2.2.3-2                  
low   http-parser               2.9.3-1                   2.9.2-2                  
low   mdbtools                  0.9.0~beta1-1             0.7.1-6build1            
low   python-django             2:3.1.2-1                 2:2.2.16-1               
low   spamassassin              4.0.0~0.0svn1879217-2     3.4.5~pre1-3             

New Upstream not in Debian
high  bcache-tools              UNKNOWN                   1.0.8-4ubuntu1           
high  open-iscsi                2.1.2                     2.1.1-1ubuntu2           
high  postfix                   3.5.7                     3.5.6-1                  
high  procmail                  UNKNOWN                   3.22-26                  
(Low priority upstream releases skipped)

high == Packages seeded for Ubuntu-Server
low == Non-seeded packages Server team is subscribed to

Merges last authored or uploaded by Server team member or alumnus (via Merge-o-Matic)
libjpeg-turbo                       Leonidas S. Barbosa                 Marc Deslauriers
aptdaemon                           Marc Deslauriers                    
python-os-service-types             Sahid Orentino Ferdjaoui            James Page
byobu                               Dustin Kirkland                     
ssh-import-id                       Scott Moser                         Stephen Scott Moser
python-decorator                    Corey Bryant                        
libpam-krb5                         Leonidas S. Barbosa                 Marc Deslauriers
lasso                               Chris MacNaughton                   Corey Bryant
python-pbr                          Corey Bryant                        
ppp                                 Marc Deslauriers                    
websockify                          James Page                          
python-pypowervm                    Corey Bryant                        
python-os-client-config             Corey Bryant                        
python-microversion-parse           Corey Bryant                        
python-django-debreach              Sahid Orentino Ferdjaoui            James Page
migrate                             Corey Bryant                        
python-pyscss                       Corey Bryant                        
libuv1                              Leonidas S. Barbosa                 Marc Deslauriers
neutron-fwaas                       Corey Bryant                        
busybox                             Marc Deslauriers                    
ghostscript                         Marc Deslauriers                    
php7.4                              Bryce Harrington                    Lucas Kanashiro
networkx                            Corey Bryant                        
apr-util                            Andreas Hasenack                    
paramiko                            James Page                          
nss                                 Alex Murray                         Marc Deslauriers
memcached                           Bryce Harrington                    
erlang                              Marc Deslauriers                    
exim4                               Sergio Durigan Junior               Rafael David Tinoco
coreutils                           Sergio Durigan Junior               Bryce Harrington
libproxy                            Leonidas S. Barbosa                 Marc Deslauriers
corosync                            Rafael David Tinoco                 
logwatch                            Bryce Harrington                    
python-eventlet                     Corey Bryant                        
pyroute2                            Corey Bryant                        
python-testtools                    James Page                          
python-dogpile.cache                Chris MacNaughton                   Corey Bryant
python-debtcollector                Chris MacNaughton                   Corey Bryant
python-cliff                        Chris MacNaughton                   Corey Bryant
python-castellan                    Corey Bryant                        
python-automaton                    Corey Bryant                        
python-tooz                         Chris MacNaughton                   Corey Bryant
python-taskflow                     Corey Bryant                        
python-osprofiler                   Corey Bryant                        
python-oslo.utils                   Corey Bryant                        
python-oslo.messaging               Corey Bryant                        
python-oslo.log                     Chris MacNaughton                   Corey Bryant
python-oslo.i18n                    Corey Bryant                        
python-oslo.config                  Corey Bryant                        
python-oslo.concurrency             Corey Bryant                        
python-oslo.cache                   Corey Bryant                        
python-osc-lib                      Corey Bryant                        
python-os-win                       Chris MacNaughton                   Corey Bryant
python-os-vif                       Corey Bryant                        
python-os-traits                    Chris MacNaughton                   Corey Bryant
python-os-resource-classes          Corey Bryant                        
python-os-ken                       Corey Bryant                        
python-os-brick                     Corey Bryant                        
python-neutron-lib                  Corey Bryant                        
python-keystonemiddleware           Chris MacNaughton                   Corey Bryant
python-keystoneauth1                Chris MacNaughton                   Corey Bryant
python-glance-store                 Chris MacNaughton                   Corey Bryant
audit                               Alex Murray                         Marc Deslauriers
python-zaqarclient                  Corey Bryant                        
python-troveclient                  Corey Bryant                        
python-swiftclient                  Corey Bryant                        
python-senlinclient                 Corey Bryant                        
python-saharaclient                 Corey Bryant                        
python-pysaml2                      Corey Bryant                        
python-oslo.vmware                  Corey Bryant                        
python-oslo.versionedobjects        Corey Bryant                        
python-oslo.upgradecheck            Corey Bryant                        
python-oslo.service                 Corey Bryant                        
python-oslo.serialization           Corey Bryant                        
python-oslo.rootwrap                Corey Bryant                        
python-oslo.reports                 Corey Bryant                        
python-oslo.privsep                 Corey Bryant                        
python-oslo.policy                  Corey Bryant                        
python-oslo.middleware              Corey Bryant                        
python-oslo.db                      Corey Bryant                        
python-osc-placement                Corey Bryant                        
python-octaviaclient                Corey Bryant                        
python-novaclient                   Corey Bryant                        
python-neutronclient                Corey Bryant                        
python-monascaclient                Corey Bryant                        
python-mistralclient                Corey Bryant                        
python-manilaclient                 Corey Bryant                        
python-magnumclient                 Corey Bryant                        
python-keystoneclient               Corey Bryant                        
python-ironicclient                 Corey Bryant                        
python-heatclient                   Corey Bryant                        
python-gnocchiclient                Corey Bryant                        
python-glanceclient                 Corey Bryant                        
python-designateclient              Chris MacNaughton                   Corey Bryant
python-cinderclient                 Corey Bryant                        
python-blazarclient                 Corey Bryant                        
python-barbicanclient               Corey Bryant                        
python-aodhclient                   Corey Bryant                        
python-ovsdbapp                     Corey Bryant                        
placement                           Corey Bryant                        
nova                                Corey Bryant                        
neutron                             Corey Bryant                        
swift                               Corey Bryant                        
openldap                            Andreas Hasenack                    
octavia-dashboard                   Corey Bryant                        
neutron-vpnaas                      Corey Bryant                        
heat-dashboard                      Corey Bryant                        
preseed                             Adam Conrad                         
python-glareclient                  James Page                          
python-congressclient               James Page                          
zaqar-ui                            Corey Bryant                        
ironic-ui                           Corey Bryant                        
libpam-ccreds                       Andreas Hasenack                    
kannel                              Andreas Hasenack                    
nbdkit                              Rafael David Tinoco                 
php-league-commonmark               Bryce Harrington                    
isc-kea                             Andreas Hasenack                    
xapian-bindings                     Rafael David Tinoco                 
cacti                               Bryce Harrington                    
wordpress                           Marc Deslauriers                    
python-django-formtools             Corey Bryant                        
php-parser                          Bryce Harrington                    
vitrage                             Corey Bryant                        
golang-go.uber-zap                  Andreas Hasenack                    
fish                                Andreas Hasenack                    
dgit                                Sergio Durigan Junior               Bryce Harrington
w1retap                             Andreas Hasenack                    
passenger                           Rafael David Tinoco                                   Paulo Flabiano Smorigo              Jamie Strandboge
puppet                              Andreas Hasenack                    
subunit                             James Page                          
python-sushy                        Corey Bryant                        
python-ironic-lib                   Corey Bryant                        
python-diskimage-builder            Chris MacNaughton                   Corey Bryant
seqtools                            Rafael David Tinoco                 
python-stestr                       James Page                          
python-oslotest                     Corey Bryant                        
python-octavia-lib                  Chris MacNaughton                   Corey Bryant
python-mistral-lib                  Corey Bryant                        
python-ceilometermiddleware         Chris MacNaughton                   Corey Bryant
ruby-mysql2                         Rafael David Tinoco                 
python-zunclient                    Corey Bryant                        
python-watcherclient                Corey Bryant                        
python-vitrageclient                Corey Bryant                        
python-tackerclient                 Corey Bryant                        
python-pankoclient                  Corey Bryant                        
python-muranoclient                 Corey Bryant                        
python-ironic-inspector-client      Corey Bryant                        
senlin                              Corey Bryant                        
sahara-plugin-vanilla               Corey Bryant                        
sahara-plugin-spark                 Corey Bryant                        
sahara                              Corey Bryant                        
python-proliantutils                Corey Bryant                        
python-monasca-statsd               Corey Bryant                        
panko                               Corey Bryant                        
octavia                             Corey Bryant                        
murano                              Chris MacNaughton                   Corey Bryant
mistral                             Corey Bryant                        
manila                              Corey Bryant                        
magnum                              Corey Bryant                        
designate-dashboard                 Corey Bryant                        
watcher-dashboard                   Corey Bryant                        
trove-dashboard                     Corey Bryant                        
sahara-dashboard                    Corey Bryant                        
python-qinlingclient                Corey Bryant                        
neutron-dynamic-routing             Corey Bryant                        
networking-sfc                      Corey Bryant                        
networking-bgpvpn                   Corey Bryant                        
networking-baremetal                Corey Bryant                        
networking-bagpipe                  Corey Bryant                        
murano-dashboard                    Corey Bryant                        
murano-agent                        Corey Bryant                        
preseed                             Adam Conrad                         
python-edgegrid                     Corey Bryant                        
python-zstd                         Chris MacNaughton                   Corey Bryant

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