Triage report (2020-11-26)

Paride Legovini paride.legovini at
Thu Nov 26 11:17:07 UTC 2020

Found 13 bugs, most of them under control, waiting for additional 
information, or tracking SRU. Two bugs worth mentioning here:

[sssd] - Upgrade sssd in 20.04 to the version in 
20.10 as the 20.04 version crashes

The user reports Focal's sssd crashing when receiving about 1 request 
per second. Groovy's version is reported working.

There is no clear "crash" report (e.g. coredump), the logs show sssd 
restarting with not much additional information. I asked to gather more 
info by running the daemon in foreground and at a higher debug level, 
let's see if it logs anything useful. I couldn't recognize this failure 
mode doing a quick search of the past upstream issues or commits messages.

[mysql-8.0] - MySQL X protocol port 33060 
listening on network by default

This already came up in triage. It's the issue about mysqld listening on 
*:33060 by default on Focal (i.e. possibly listening on Internet facing 
IP addresses). Fixed on >= Groovy by making it listen only on

There's an open question about Focal:

  - Do we leave things as they are, privileging stability?
  - Do we ship the listen-only-on-localhost change to Focal,
    privileging security but possibly breaking systems that
    came to rely on mysqld listening on *:33060 by default?
  - Can/Should we handle it by adding some logic into the
    maintainer scripts (leave updates from Focal versions
    alone, but only listen on in the other cases)?

I tagged this one server-triage-discuss.


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