Wednesday Triage Report (2020-11-25)

Sergio Durigan Junior sergio.durigan at
Thu Nov 26 20:49:59 UTC 2020

ustriage found 18 bugs.  The noteworthy ones are:

### - (Confirmed) [dovecot] - package
    dovecot-core 1: failed to install/upgrade: installed
    dovecot-core package post-installation script subprocess returned
    error exit status 1

Set this to Incomplete, because there has been no answer to Paride's
question yet.

### - (Incomplete) [php7.2] - Setting
    session.cookie_samesite=None in php ini does not set attribute of
    session samesite

Ping'ed Bryce on MM; he said he'll take care of this one.

### - (New) [openssh] - socket-activated sshd
    breaks on concurrent connections

Valid bug.  I was able to reproduce it, but wasn't able to solve it
following the reporters instructions.  I think his instructions make
sense, so maybe I missed something.  Anyway, marked as Triaged, priority
Medium, subscribed Ubuntu Server.

### - (New) [samba] - package samba-common-bin
    2:4.11.6+dfsg-0ubuntu1.6 failed to install/upgrade: o subprocesso
    instalado, do pacote samba-common-bin, o script post-installation
    retornou erro do status de saĆ­da 1

Confirmed that it's a valid bug, even though I wasn't able to directly
reproduce it.  I marked it as Triaged, subscribed Ubuntu Server, and
rewrote its title.  Since this doesn't seem like a bug that impacts a
lot of users, I refrained from tagging it as server-next.

### - (New) [rabbitmq-server] - Rabbit reports
    file descriptor limit alarm set, does not accept connections

This was reported by someone at Canonical.  I wasn't able to reproduce
it, but I confess I didn't try much (no time).  I asked for more info,
mark the bug as Incomplete, and subscribed Ubuntu Server.  We may want
to keep an eye on this one.

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