Monday bug triage

Bryce Harrington bryce.harrington at
Tue Nov 24 21:54:49 UTC 2020

21 bugs for this Monday triage.  About half were new bugs or needed
attention in some way (mostly questions for clarifications).  Of those,
only these are worth particular mention:

* LP: #1905048: (samba hirsute) Request for merge to unblock migration
  - seb128 and doko are prompting for samba merge to unblock python3.9

* LP: #1905000: (realmd (samba?)) wrong krb5.keytab (missing subdomain)
  - This is a bit over my head, but looks like either an advanced
    realm/samba/winbind configuration or maybe a less well supported a
    corner case.  In any case, the report feels terse on details, and
    googling failed to educate me adequately, so I've asked for more
    explaination / pointers.

* LP: #1905109: (php-defaults : bionic) SameSite None not supported
  - Asked user for some clarification.
  - Guessing there's a patch needing backported

* LP: #1890332: (libseccomp : focal) apt update fails on gpg sig
  - Probably just a local system irregularity, pointed him at community
    support.  However I think this might be hiding a legit underlying
    issue, so left as Incomplete.  If true, there's a couple upstream
    patches to maybe look into.

* LP: #1855318: (autofs)  autofs looks for .xdg-volume-info, autorun.inf 
  - A commenter points out it's more likely a bug in gvfs, which makes
    sense given the context.  I've reassigned to that project.

* LP: #1905030: (freeradius) freeradius-mysql failed to install/upgrade
  - No error msg collected, asked for journalctl details
  - Noticed kernel faults in dmesg, might be something deeper...

* LP: #1857584: (mysql-8.0, focal) port 33060 listening by default
  - Identified this only affects focal
  - Agree with Robie this needs better justification to warrant SRU

### Untouched for 180 days ###

LP: #1878945 - (Triaged)        [openldap]       - crash slapd after update

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