Wednesday Triage Report (2020-11-11)

Sergio Durigan Junior sergio.durigan at
Fri Nov 13 19:45:17 UTC 2020

ustriage found 9 bugs.  Most of them are being handled already; these
are the noteworthy ones:

### - (Incomplete) [net-snmp] -
    ubuntu-desktop-minimal should not depend on mysql libs

Person asked "why does samba-libs depend on ubuntu-desktop?", and I
replied saying that it doesn't.  The bug is still Incomplete.

### - (Incomplete) [libnl3] - libnl-route-3-200
    unresolved symbols

I wasn't able to reproduce the issue, so I left a comment there saying
it.  The bug is still marked as Incomplete.

### - (New) [python-tornado] - Out of memory
    issue for websocket client

Heather Lemon (from Canonical) reported this bug and assigned it to
himself.  Although the bug is lacking a bit of info (for example, it's
not clear whether this is a bug 

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