Triage report (2020-11-12)

Paride Legovini paride.legovini at
Thu Nov 12 12:52:57 UTC 2020

Found 10 bugs, just one worth mentioning:

LP: #1903516 - (Incomplete)     [openssh]        - aborted (core dumped) 
when using ConnectTimeout > 2147483

Easy to reproduce but requires an unusually high timeout. I filed an 
upstream bug, linked it to the LP one, marked it Triaged with 
Importance: Low and subscribed the team.

One stale bug:

LP: #1878264 - (Triaged)        [smartmontools]  - nvme smart error 
count email after upgrading to 20.04

Has linked upstream and Debian bug but with no activity.
I set its Importance to Low.


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