Friday the 13th - Bug Triage and Proposed Migration report

Christian Ehrhardt christian.ehrhardt at
Fri Mar 13 11:18:11 UTC 2020

## Bug Triage ##

I was already on a few I got pings over night.
When looking at the queue I found 14 bugs to check today.

Worth to mention:
1865152 rdma-core: SoftRoCE device disappears
=> continues to be non reproducible for us :-/

1867223 apache2: another case of TLS v1.3 fallout.
I marked regression-update and an upstream  patch is already provided.
Might be worth considering this AND to later check if it helped some of bug
1865900 as well.
Assigned to mdeslaur for now who was doing the initial upload.

## Proposed migration ##

- Helped openbios to get along and fix compatibility with qemu 4.2 that is
in Focal

- debugged and filed global FTFBS 1867316
  - TL;DR the new gcc-9 FTFBFSed everything
  - gladly I got contact to doko who removed it from proposed
  - Note: This was holding back our chrony upload which now is green

- I was further working on pglogical related test issues
  That is about bringing back parts of the binaries we removed with
  Those which have grown postgresql-12 support since then are on the way
back but
  the pglogical* tests were never good so they need some overrides (MP up)

- There as a bug on azure-cli that needed some pinging to get through
  new queue (resolved now)

- In a similar fashion I was evaluating if networkmanager-openconnect could
  become a sync and does not violate FF to fix some issues in 20.04 and
  then synced it.

- (to admit yesterday evening) I was looking at posgresql-12 which shows up
in our list
  as its build failed on s390x with llvm
  That was passed to upstream & IBM.
  Now today I found a new rebuild
  Trying to resolve that for now "Build using LLVM 10, still use LLVM 9 on
  And that had a known flaky libreoffice at armhf issue which I retriggered as
  usually is enough.

- everything else in there ruby/libxcrypt/libfido2 was mentioned before -
no change on these.

Christian Ehrhardt
Staff Engineer, Ubuntu Server
Canonical Ltd
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