Monday Triage (2020-06-15) - Did by accident @paride, sorry

Rafael David Tinoco rafaeldtinoco at
Mon Jun 15 14:43:55 UTC 2020

> >
> > - (Triaged)        [dnsmasq]        - missing
> > EDNS0 record confuses systemd-resolved
> > also:                  - (New)            [systemd]        - missing
> > EDNS0 record confuses systemd-resolved
> >
> > > @ddstreet seems to have caught this to himself, cc'ing him
> yes, this is an unfortunate loooooong running bug that is due to a
> patch to systemd that we carry, that isn't upstream.  It will require
> me (or someone) being able to go to a Starbucks to test with their
> wifi, so I (or someone) can create a proper patch to workaround their
> broken wifi captive portal, that we can then get merged upstream and
> drop the problematic patch we carry.  That's been made difficult by
> COVID-19, of course, but I do still want to try to get to this
> sometime this summer.

Oh, a bug that has Starbucks as a requirement! Finally! It is also in
our queue and tagged as server-next (higher priority).

Thanks for the reply!

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