git-ubuntu 0.9.1 (beta) Released

Robie Basak robie.basak at
Wed Jan 29 17:03:10 UTC 2020

The git-ubuntu snap package has been updated to 0.9.1 in all snap
channels. Note that the previously 0.8.0 never got released to the
stable channel, so users following the stable channel will also receive
changes detailed in the previous release announcement[1].

Changes from 0.8.0 to 0.9.1

One notable change is that "git ubuntu build-source" no longer exists
and has been replaced with "git ubuntu build -S" (or --source) to mirror
the traditional tooling. The CLI help output has also been polished.

As with the previous release, the majority of other changes are related
to quality improvements and are not intended to result in user-visible
changes. Most of this is in refactoring and the addition of further
tests; Bryce has also continued to overhaul the importer service daemon
for reliability and logging.

If you are following the stable snap channel, see also the previous
release announcement[1] for further changes that will land in the stable
channel in addition to the changes in this release.

Commits included in this Release

Andreas Hasenack (2):
      Add pyzmq to the source whitelist
      Add linux-snapdragon to import blacklist

Bryce Harrington (15):
      doc: Define a release process
      Cleanup --help output formatting and show all available commands
      build: Deprecate 'build-source' in favor of 'build -S'
      Add missing dependency to directions Recommend use of a separate import directory for local usage
      git_repository: Copyedit code docs and comments
      Refactor importer to encapsulate sendmail logic to its own object
      Send fewer package import/failure emails
      systemd: Include last 100 lines from journal in system failure emails
      docs: Fix path for script discussed in importer service docs
      systemd: Fix invocation of
      systemd: Use the installed symlink for running importer
      systemd: Fix service name
      systemd: Drop explicit setting of StandardOutput to journal
      Log when emails are sent, not when they're not sent

Rafael David Tinoco (2):
      Add libslirp to whitelist.
      Add pyagentx to whitelist (LP: #1855943).

Robie Basak (24):
      Make xfail passes fail the test suite
      Import Placeholder to avoid qualification
      Add docstring for Commit constructor
      repo_builder.Commit: default to empty tree
      SourceSpec: change default to non-native
      Break out repo_builder tests
      Test conciseness, consistency and terminology
      Calculate validation_repo only when it is used
      Add style convention on import statements
      repo_builder: add Commit.from_spec method
      source_builder: add mutate attribute to SourceSpec
      Add importer tests
      Merge branch 'importer-add-tests'
      Add some edge case changelog parsing tests
      Fix changelog parsing
      Add Changelog.git_authorship() method
      Rewrite commit_tree_hash into commit_source_tree
      Change main phasing default to 100%
      Add ubuntu-dev-tools to the import whitelist
      Merge branch 'phasing-defaults'
      version: bump to 0.9.0
      Drop pin on lazr.restfulclient
      self-test: be more explicit when failing
      version: bump to 0.9.1

Past Releases

For a list of previous release announcements, please see:

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