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> ## Bug Triage ##
> Got 27 bugs from last Friday
> But most of them were updates to caes in progress slightly amplified by
> merges that touched a lot of bugs to mark them fixed.
> Eventually it came down to a few task/status updates some IRC pings to get
> things moving and just one real new triage.
> ## Proposed Migration ##
> - Qemu:
>   There is a qemu 4.0 with some CVEs hanging on failed build.
>   But I have a qemu 4.2 soon to be ready that works and will fix the same
> issues (and more).
> - nss:
>   Is blocked by some JDK tests on arm
>   Two of them seem odd and always fail or skip.
>   The only one that sometimes works is
>   The result is literally "jdk   FLAKY timed out"
>   For now I restarted, but maybe the test should be masked.
>   @Doko - from the uploader it seems you handle openjdk-lts opinions on how
>   to handle its tests?
> - crmsh:
>   tests block on new python3-default
>   "crmsh.minieval.FeatureNotAvailable: Sorry, Constant is not available in
> this evaluator"
>   The issue is reproducible outside the test environment.
>   It seems ast processing changed in py3.8
>   Found other changes like "py3.8 uses ast.Constant instead of ast.Num,
> ast.Str,
>   ast.NameConstant" in other projects [2].
>   Seems crmsh needs py3.8 fixes for [3].
>   I came up with a fix and submitted it upstream for review and
> integration there [4]
>   [2]:
> [3]:
> [4]:

I created a PR based on my issue and it got upstream accepted.
I prepared an MP for an Ubuntu upload with the fix.

- Some more rebuilds got triggered for python3-defaults bump and have issues
>   - samba (andreas is on it)
>   - sssd (andreas will do that as well).
> - DPDK breaks indirectly on the new python as well.
>   The tests have a unversioned python dependency that e.g. breaks pciutils
> now.
>   I have a fix [1] in Debian already - needs an upload to debian to merge
> it from there.
>   [1]:

I have 19.11-3 in Debian now which is python3 compatible.
I could re-merge now but there is no gain as doko uploaded 19.11-2ubuntu2
dumping it to use python2.
That works as well for now and we have no need to merge it for any other
Therefore - no re-merge needed for now.

> P.S. On Focal tests related to python I have seen a zillion of these
> "/usr/lib/python3.8/ RuntimeWarning: line buffering
> (buffering=1) isn't supported in binary mode, the default buffer size will
> be used"
> None in server packages, but I assume some cleanup for that has to follow.
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