Triage and Migration report

Christian Ehrhardt christian.ehrhardt at
Tue Jan 28 08:52:41 UTC 2020

## Bug Triage ##

Got 27 bugs from last Friday
But most of them were updates to caes in progress slightly amplified by
merges that touched a lot of bugs to mark them fixed.

Eventually it came down to a few task/status updates some IRC pings to get
things moving and just one real new triage.

## Proposed Migration ##

- Qemu:
  There is a qemu 4.0 with some CVEs hanging on failed build.
  But I have a qemu 4.2 soon to be ready that works and will fix the same
issues (and more).

- nss:
  Is blocked by some JDK tests on arm
  Two of them seem odd and always fail or skip.
  The only one that sometimes works is
  The result is literally "jdk   FLAKY timed out"
  For now I restarted, but maybe the test should be masked.
  @Doko - from the uploader it seems you handle openjdk-lts opinions on how
  to handle its tests?

- crmsh:
  tests block on new python3-default
  "crmsh.minieval.FeatureNotAvailable: Sorry, Constant is not available in
this evaluator"
  The issue is reproducible outside the test environment.
  It seems ast processing changed in py3.8
  Found other changes like "py3.8 uses ast.Constant instead of ast.Num,
  ast.NameConstant" in other projects [2].
  Seems crmsh needs py3.8 fixes for [3].
  I came up with a fix and submitted it upstream for review and integration
there [4]

- Some more rebuilds got triggered for python3-defaults bump and have issues
  - samba (andreas is on it)
  - sssd (andreas will do that as well).

- DPDK breaks indirectly on the new python as well.
  The tests have a unversioned python dependency that e.g. breaks pciutils
  I have a fix [1] in Debian already - needs an upload to debian to merge
it from there.

P.S. On Focal tests related to python I have seen a zillion of these
"/usr/lib/python3.8/ RuntimeWarning: line buffering
(buffering=1) isn't supported in binary mode, the default buffer size will
be used"
None in server packages, but I assume some cleanup for that has to follow.

Christian Ehrhardt
Staff Engineer, Ubuntu Server
Canonical Ltd
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