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Christian Ehrhardt christian.ehrhardt at
Tue Jan 14 06:44:21 UTC 2020


> - dpdk blocking elfutils, systemd
>>   - Formerly appeared as dkms issue, now partially has odd dependencies
>> mixing
>>     19.11 and 18.11.
>>   - That will eventually be resolved by the dpdk 19.11 in proposed once
>> available for testing.
>>     But unfortunately the build infra decided to get stuck on this so it
>> might take a few more days.
> I found that all binaries built by src:dpdk got added to main in focal
> when passing new queue.
> Now there are a lot listed as "Binary only movements to universe" in [1],
> three types are there:
> a) ...20.0 - new stable libraries, but for uncommon cases or HW
> b) ...0.200 - new experimental libraries
> c) ...18.11 - binaries of the older source
> a)+b) we want demoted to universe - only then can the tests start which
> are currently blocked on "unsatisfiable depends"
> c) is there because the dependencies pulling things into main now point to
> the newer 20.0 versions, but those 18.11 binary packages will eventually be
> removed once the new version is migrated. So it is ok, but not important to
> demote them now.
> This needs an archive admin to do the demotion, I pinged in ubuntu-release
> but will also set the AA email to CC here.
> Thanks in advance to the AAs!
> [1]:

Doko demoted those that directly pulled in the component mismatches shown
in excuses - that resolved proposed-migration.
It also let the 18.11 binaries vanish as expected.
And that unblocked elfutils, systemd, openvswitch and ovn who were blocked
by dpdk.
Thanks Doko!

But there are still a bunch of binaries left in that list which can be
demoted to universe by an Archive Admin.
The list shown in [1] seems correct to me, demoting those binaries of
src:dpdk would help to complete the DPDK efforts for 20.04.
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