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> ## Triage ##
> The weekend held 25 bugs being updated and on 180 day expiration.
> As usual a lot were under control already.
> But also today there was quite a bunch that needed some update/triager
> here and there.
> Worth to mention are:
> Openssh 8.2 was released and might be great to get into 20.04 still.
> =>
> I subscribed and IRC pinged cjwatson who usually drives openssh uploads.
> Rather generic issue on tmpfiles.d in non-systemd env as I already
> mentioned
> on 6th December. I wrote an email to ubuntu-devel this time as I really
> would want that discussed/resolved more publicly and not just on the
> server-teams scope.
> ## Proposed Migration ##
> Postgresql-12 got a stable update from upstream to 12.2-1
> That is entangled with the ICU migration, but also had a flaky pg-rational
> test.
> I was able to resolve that and now it "only" depends on ICU to be able to
> migrate.
> Chrony was showing up as blocking libcap2 and indeed it seems reproducible
> to hang on the tests with the new lib version.
> I was checking with the upstream maintainer if it is a known issue, but it
> is not.
> Debugging and tracking was going on in:
> =>
> This eventually turned out to be broken in libcap2 (which triggered the
> test).
> I extended bug tasks and also file a Debian bug about it, all linked from
> the LP bug above.

And just a bit later we have:
libcap2    | 1:2.32-1      | unstable        | source

Therefore this should resolve over night when things sync and build.

> Furthermore there are many ruby* things listed, but we know that Lucas is
> working on those already.
> A few more tests just needed a retry, no need to go into details on those.
> Long term we might revisit mecab and kronosnet which are in there for a
> while now and not resolved by just retries.
> But my time I can spend today was exceeded by now :-/
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> Christian Ehrhardt
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Christian Ehrhardt
Staff Engineer, Ubuntu Server
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