Triage report (2020-08-20 + PTO backlog)

Rafael David Tinoco rafaeldtinoco at
Thu Aug 20 18:27:05 UTC 2020

> # 2020-08-03 (Monday triage)
> Mostly Fix Released bugs, or otherwise under control.
> Interesting one:
> LP: #1888000 - +(New)           [open-iscsi]     - Bionic/Xenial minimal
> cloud image: failed to apply load kernel module
> Duplicate of LP: #1833586, where it was decided not to SRU open-iscsi to
> Bionic and Xenial to fix the issue. Should we revisit the decision?


Steve posted:

While I do believe the change is PROBABLY safe, I don't think it's
particularly justifiable as an SRU. Degraded mode is ugly but aside from
masking other bugs, doesn't make a difference at runtime.

at LP: #1833586. This makes me believe that this would only be accepted
if we block future SRUs to include this fix. I have just merged a new
open-iscsi (Debian and Ubuntu) containing:

commit 2a24c96
Author: Rafael David Tinoco <rafaeldtinoco at>
Date:   Thu Aug 13 01:45:33 2020

    * debian/open-iscsi.kmod drop: (LP: #1833586)
      no static module list is needed if we let iscsid load modules itself.

which also seems to be the issue for LP: #1884321, complaining about
grepping a modules-load.d in-existent file (depending from which version
you're coming from).

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