Triage report (2020-08-20 + PTO backlog)

Paride Legovini paride.legovini at
Thu Aug 20 16:06:10 UTC 2020

# 2020-08-03 (Monday triage)

Mostly Fix Released bugs, or otherwise under control.

Interesting one:

LP: #1888000 - +(New)           [open-iscsi]     - Bionic/Xenial minimal
cloud image: failed to apply load kernel module

Duplicate of LP: #1833586, where it was decided not to SRU open-iscsi to
Bionic and Xenial to fix the issue. Should we revisit the decision?

# 2020-08-06

Just one interesting bug:

LP: #1890406 - +(New)  [tmux] - tmux sessions don't show up with who,
users, ...

I can reproduce the issue in Focal but not in Groovy. Marked as triaged,
but I couldn't find the root cause in the triage timebox.

# 2020-08-13

Nothing worth mentioning.

# 2020-08-20

Today was more fun: 29 bugs to triage. Interesting ones:

LP: #1891548 - *(New)           [autofs]         - autofs-ldap's
/etc/ldap/schema/autofs.schema crashes slapd

Good digging from the bug submitter, who also submitted a patch
upstream. I proposed to:

1. Wait for upstream to pickup the patch, then cherry-pick it in Ubuntu

2. File a separate bug for another issue the user found after upgrading
to Focal.

Not added to our work queues yet, but if upstream accepts the patch it's
a good server-next candidate.

LP: #1892145 - (New)            [samba]          - smbclient cannot
connect anonymously in Kerberos context (freeipa)

This is really out of my comfort zone, subscribed Andreas :P

That's all!


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