Monday Bug Triage - 2020-04-24 (Friday) and 2020-04-26 (Sunday)

Rafael David Tinoco rafaeldtinoco at
Tue Apr 28 02:12:12 UTC 2020

Bugs last updated between 2020-04-24 (Friday) and 2020-04-26 (Sunday)
Date range identified as: "Monday triage"

SEVERAL bugs opened because of 20.04 release. A bunch of those were
opened by apport because of installation issues.

The ones I had triaged were:

Focal deploy creates a 'node1' node
> charm had to be changed, nothing to do.
> invalid for pacemaker

freeradius fails to install in focal
> couldn't reproduce the issue
> end user likely missed freeradius-config pkg installation
> invalid

package apache2 2.4.41-4ubuntu3 failed to install/upgrade: installed
apache2 package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit
status 1
> apache2 phppgadmin module upgrade
> apache2 can't find module
> cc'ed bryce here because of similar previous bugs
> triaged

libnginx-mod-nchan distributes old/incompatible module
> opened bug upstream (debian) asking for nchan upgrade
> if debian/module upgraded, likely need to be SRUed to focal
> triaged

Getting old buffer + header + correct response
> complex reverse proxy setup unexplained in details
> asked for a reproducer and more information
> asked if more recent versions than xenial also cause this
> incomplete

package smartmontools 7.1-1build1 failed to install/upgrade: conffile
difference visualizer subprocess returned error exit status 127
> subscribed dpkg package as affected
> when using 'D' option trying to see delta among config files -> pager
> triaged, marked 2nd one as duplicate

KVM internal error. Suberror: 1 -- emulation failure
> subscribed ubuntu-virt team (@cpaelzer and others, including me)
> cpalzer will likely work on this, marked as triaged

bridge stops working on focal update
> explained what happened (bridge-utils uninstalled)
> pointed to documentation
> pointed to ubuntu user mailing list for support
> invalid

regression: splitting panes does not cause a resize in backgrounded tmux
> triaged
> pointed to lucaskanashiro as a good simple example to coach sergiodj
if needed

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