Triage and Migration report - Friday

Christian Ehrhardt christian.ehrhardt at
Fri Apr 17 08:38:42 UTC 2020

# Triage

38 bugs to check today, worth to mention are:

- mysql
  Mysql clients seem to enforce ssl now, seems like a safer default.
  But users might need a way to de-configure that.
  I've subscribed Lars/Robie on the bug and marked a second report as dup.

The rest were mostly updates by former triage or bugs that got fix-released.

# Proposed migration

- isc-dhcp, glibc and chrony were unblocked in Focal as planned
  (I already mentioned that yesterday).

- I have found some test fails which seemed due to flaky apt interaction with
  the archive. Nothing related to the test, just needed a retrigger.
  I have seen such on armhf often enough now, does anyone know the background
  of these?

- nova autopkgtests seem to have become flaky, other recent uploads in the
  past have triggered the same issue.
  I have pinged jamespage if this is any known issue, it seems unrelated to
  our uploads that are blocked by it.

- We have some uploads that are listed just waiting on many tests.
  That is due to a glibc upload which triggers so many tests that currently
  the queue is rather long. For now let us give it some time and then
  check the results.

- I found a bit of a bad block dependency.
  There is an important postfix fix for Focal which Lucase created and Bryce
  sponsored (thanks). But the upload is entangled with mysql whch had a riscv
  related change a week ago. Now that fails on mysql-connector-c++ tests.
  Those tests never worked as the history only has bad results on arm64/ppc64
  where this happens.
  Needs updates to the hints:

Christian Ehrhardt
Staff Engineer, Ubuntu Server
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