git-ubuntu commands to drop for 1.0?

Dan Streetman dan.streetman at
Mon Apr 13 13:52:41 UTC 2020

On Thu, Apr 9, 2020 at 5:29 PM Bryce Harrington
<bryce.harrington at> wrote:
> git-ubuntu has proof-of-concepted a number of subcommands during its
> initial development.  As we're nearing the 1.0 release, we'd like to
> narrow our supported featureset to the ones in heaviest use by users.
> Ones that are more challenging to support or that are less heavily used,
> will be removed from the codebase, allowing us to focus on strengthening
> the remaining set.
> The UNIX philosophy is "Do one thing, and do it well", and for
> git-ubuntu the principle theme is the management of the repository
> itself, as opposed to the wider packaging workflow for which there are
> other tools available.
> Here's our first take at what we think might stay vs. go:
>   * git ubuntu clone          [Keep]

this is the only command I've ever used, actually.  I think that's
probably largely due to:

$ git ubuntu --help
No manual entry for git-ubuntu

I know there are issues around being able to provide man pages from a
snap, but man pages really are helpful...

Also, I also know that 'git-ubuntu --help' (or 'git ubuntu -h') does
produce some help output, but that output also refers to man pages
that don't (seem to) exist, e.g.:

"For more information on the commands see:

  $ git ubuntu <command> --help
  $ man git-ubuntu-<command>

More information about git ubuntu itself is available at:

  $ man git-ubuntu

In any case, removing any of the subcommands below wouldn't impact me
personally.  Thanks!

>   * git ubuntu export-orig    [Keep]
>   * git ubuntu import         [Keep]
>   * git ubuntu merge          [Keep]
>   * git ubuntu queue          [Keep]
>   * git ubuntu remote         [Keep]
>   * git ubuntu submit         [Keep]
>   * git ubuntu tag            [Keep]
>   * git ubuntu import-local   [Remove]
>     - We suspect this is mostly unused?
>   * git ubuntu import-ppa     [Remove]
>     - We suspect this is mostly unused?
>   * git ubunt lint            [Remove]
>     - We suspect this is mostly unused?
>     - Has been useful in the past, might be candidate to return later
>   * git ubuntu build          [Remove]
>     - It's a good idea, definitely a candidate to return one day, but
>       the code for this is cumbersome, has no test cases, and constrains
>       our internal refactoring.  There are numerous bugs reported about
>       it, and there are numerous alternate build approaches users can
>       use.
>   * git ubuntu review         [Remove]
>     - Another good idea, but was highly experimental and needs more
>       implementation work to be actually useful.
> What do you think?  If you have strong reasons to keep any of the
> above, please explain the justifications for consideration.
> Otherwise, in the next week or two I plan to start proposing MPs to drop
> the subcommands, with the goal of finishing their removal by the 1.0
> release.
> Post-1.0, new CLI subcommands will be introduced (and wanted old ones
> re-introduced), using some standard engineering processes.  E.g. a spec
> outlining the feature, a prototype done in a branch, and corresponding
> test cases.
> Bryce
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