git-ubuntu commands to drop for 1.0?

Bryce Harrington bryce.harrington at
Thu Apr 9 21:27:45 UTC 2020

git-ubuntu has proof-of-concepted a number of subcommands during its
initial development.  As we're nearing the 1.0 release, we'd like to
narrow our supported featureset to the ones in heaviest use by users.

Ones that are more challenging to support or that are less heavily used,
will be removed from the codebase, allowing us to focus on strengthening
the remaining set.

The UNIX philosophy is "Do one thing, and do it well", and for
git-ubuntu the principle theme is the management of the repository
itself, as opposed to the wider packaging workflow for which there are
other tools available.

Here's our first take at what we think might stay vs. go:

  * git ubuntu clone          [Keep]
  * git ubuntu export-orig    [Keep]
  * git ubuntu import         [Keep]
  * git ubuntu merge          [Keep]
  * git ubuntu queue          [Keep]
  * git ubuntu remote         [Keep]
  * git ubuntu submit         [Keep]
  * git ubuntu tag            [Keep]

  * git ubuntu import-local   [Remove]
    - We suspect this is mostly unused?

  * git ubuntu import-ppa     [Remove]
    - We suspect this is mostly unused?

  * git ubunt lint            [Remove]
    - We suspect this is mostly unused?
    - Has been useful in the past, might be candidate to return later

  * git ubuntu build          [Remove]
    - It's a good idea, definitely a candidate to return one day, but
      the code for this is cumbersome, has no test cases, and constrains
      our internal refactoring.  There are numerous bugs reported about
      it, and there are numerous alternate build approaches users can

  * git ubuntu review         [Remove]
    - Another good idea, but was highly experimental and needs more
      implementation work to be actually useful.

What do you think?  If you have strong reasons to keep any of the
above, please explain the justifications for consideration.

Otherwise, in the next week or two I plan to start proposing MPs to drop
the subcommands, with the goal of finishing their removal by the 1.0

Post-1.0, new CLI subcommands will be introduced (and wanted old ones
re-introduced), using some standard engineering processes.  E.g. a spec
outlining the feature, a prototype done in a branch, and corresponding
test cases.


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