Please test autoinstalls for 20.04!

Michael Hudson-Doyle michael.hudson at
Wed Apr 8 23:51:22 UTC 2020

As has been mentioned on this list before, we've been working on a new
system for automated installs for 20.04.

It's taken longer than I'd hoped, but we're finally at a point where we can
ask for you all to test. I've written a "quick start" document

that has the minimal steps required to perform an autoinstall in a VM on
your own system. I encourage everyone reading this to try these steps out
and then go on to try other autoinstall features that look interesting to
you.  I'd be especially interested in tests on real hardware (possibly in
conjunction with netboot -- see
as I don't have access to the hardware I usually test this sort of thing on
right now. Reports of failures or missing features are of course
interesting, but reports of success are welcome too :) Feel free to reply
here, file bugs on subiquity in Launchpad or comment on the discourse post
about this at

I've made a few minor changes as things got implemented, but I've been
keeping and
up to date as I've been going so please refer to that if you have questions
and then reply here if the wiki doesn't help!

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