Triage report for 2020-04-06 (Tuesday triage)

Lucas Kanashiro lucas.kanashiro at
Tue Apr 7 18:22:09 UTC 2020

== Migration ==
Just mysql-8.0 is in migration for more than a day and Rafael re-triggered
autopkgtest for the needed package to get it green. It does not seem a real

I took advantage of this task and did my proposed-migration work on ruby
related packages, many autopkgtest re-triggers. Let's see if
ruby2.7/2.7.0-4ubuntu1 and ruby-defaults/1:2.7+1 migrate.

== Triage ==
Bugs last updated on 2020-04-06 (Monday)
Date range identified as: "Tuesday triage"
Found 26 bugs

Most of the bugs have been worked on by the team.
Notes on remainder:

LP: #1869366 - (New)            [python-tx-tftp] - RM: python-tx-tftp
package, not needed anymore?
* A patch to remove python2 binary is provided but there are some tests
* Since the current source package is building fine I set a low priority
and subscribed ubuntu-server

LP: #1871129 - (New)            [htop]           - htop is blank when using
in focal in wsl1
* I don't have a WSL 1 system to triage/confirm this bug
* Rafael assigned himself to this bug since he has a setup with WSL 1

LP: #1871183 - (New)            [bind9]          - Bind9 syslog stops after
upgrade to 1.15
* I tried to follow the upgrade path mentioned in the bug but I did not
notice any logging issue
* Asked for more info and marked it as incomplete

LP: #1871194 - (New)            [nagios-nrpe]    - nagios-nrpe-server fails
to launch after reboot
* I proposed a simple fix to the systemd unit file and subscribed

Bugs tagged 'server-next' and not touched in 60 days
Found 0 bugs

Bugs in backlog and not touched in 180 days
Found 2 bugs
LP: #1766030 - (Confirmed)      [htop]           - CPU usage has a color
with no description
LP: #1845845 - (In Progress)    [byobu]          - follow gnome-terminal
 libexec migration
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