Triage report for Wednesday, April 2nd, 2020

Rafael David Tinoco rafaeldtinoco at
Fri Apr 3 04:35:49 UTC 2020

LP: #1828988 - (New)[rabbitmq-server] - rabbitmq server fails to start after
cluster reboot
=> bug is related to the charm and not to rabbitmq server, already being taken

LP: #1869866 - (New)[libpam-mount] - pam_mount cifs mount pmvarrun error
=> asked more information, told how to reproduce without pam-mount.
LP: #1869957 - (New)[php7.3] - package php7.3-common 7.3.11-0ubuntu0.19.10.3
failed to install/upgrade
=> apache2 corrupted file maybe ? asked to update and reinstall package after
cleaning cache.
LP: #1870360 - (New)[simplestreams] - sstream-mirror max options doesn't work
with filtering for versions
=> sstream-mirror max option broken in bionic -> triaged.

Bugs tagged 'server-next' and not touched in 60 days
Found 0 bugs

Bugs in backlog and not touched in 180 days
Found 1 bugs

LP: #1638210 - (Confirmed)[libstatgrab] - saidar segmentation fault
=> marked as incomplete since there was no response to andreas request (on a
dump) and we still need one to do anything further. public bug says the issue,
pointed by reporter hasn't be resolved so there is nothing to SRU without a

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