Triage/migration report: 30 Oct 2019

Bryce Harrington bryce.harrington at
Thu Oct 31 05:31:05 UTC 2019

== Proposed Migration ==

Many of the failures seem to be against armhf, wondering if those are
perhaps some intermittend HW issue in the infrastructure.  Requested
re-runs of these tests.

Other packages I'm guessing are remnants of transitions still working
their way through.

== Triage - "Wednesday triage" ==

12 bugs today, only 5 worth noting:

LP: #1647285 - *(Confirmed)     [nss]            - SSL trust not system-wide
* Has been some progress by a third party that discussed it upstream.
--> Not sure on next steps, maybe a focal roadmap item??

LP: #1772705 - *(Fix Released)  [strongswan]     - IKEv2 VPN connections fail to use DNS servers provided by the server
* Fix identified, and available in cosmic+, but bunch of requests for
  SRU to Bionic.
--> Added bionic bug task, added to server-next queue

LP: #1849859 - (New)            [samba]          - error when connecting to smb server
* User replied to Christian, but it's written in German
--> Christian will need to followup on this one, I subscribed him

LP: #1850272 - (New)            [nginx]          - nginx wont be started
--> Incomplete.  Asked reporter to attach their nginx.service and some other stuff

LP: #1850513 - (New)            [samba]          - package samba 2:4.3.11+dfsg-0ubuntu0.16.04.23 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1
* Looks like incomplete configuration during upgrade
--> Incomplete.  Asked reporter for more data, and suggested workaround

== Backlog ==
LP: #1393403 - (New)            [dovecot]        - dovecot unable to create files in /var/mail
* Valid issue, but with widely documented workarounds
--> Bumped it, added some research, left in backlog.


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