Triage and Migration report Monday 28th October

St├ęphane Graber stephane.graber at
Mon Oct 28 15:50:40 UTC 2019

The LXC failures look like just infra flakiness (unable to reach the GPG
sks servers), nothing particularly new, the autopkgtest infrastructure has
always been unreliable for this.
Re-trying often clears the issue eventually.


On Mon, Oct 28, 2019 at 2:59 PM Christian Ehrhardt <
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> ## Triage ##
> Had a good list of 22 bugs today.
> Fortunately 17 of them were updates by the team or related people
> working on the issues already.
> That left 5 to actually triage of which all ended up as incomplete
> either missing reasonable logs or clearly being support requests that
> had to be redirected to community support.
> ## Proposed-Migration ##
> - ruby2.5 related there were a bunch of test fails rake,
> ruby-test-unit, libyaml.
>   They all looked like transient errors, so for now I just restarted the
> tests.
>   On the next days one might check how they appear now.
> - haproxy,dpdk, crmsh, nginx, dbconfig-common, xen-tools, ssh-agent-filter
>   and a few more had transient armhf test issues (all restarted)
>   All net issues to fetch packages on armhf
>   This haproxy sync will also fix 1841936 in Focal btw
> - still a bunch of python transition related packages showing up
>   As last week those are usually worked on by Doko and he reaches
>   out if things are non trivial.
> - lxc tests are blocking a few transitons systemd, rsync
>   @Stgraber - are those test issues known and addressed already?
> - php7.3
>   This is FTBFS but AFAIK bryce is already on that.
> - postgresql-11 has quite a lot of related test fails
>   But then postgresql-12 is already in proposed and eventually the only
>   one in Focal, we might focus on this one instead.
>   Story continues in the next issue below ...
> - I was asked by doko about asyncpg (again postgresql related P-migration
> issue)
>   We formerly had delta that was all in upstream now and became a sync.
>   But fails to self-test properly around something with PG-12.
>   I opened and worked a bit on bug
>   =>
>   Eventually became clear to be a mismatch of libpq-dev and
> default-version which will be fixed
>   in the next postgresql-common upload (needs a syncpackage once available)
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> Christian Ehrhardt
> Staff Engineer, Ubuntu Server
> Canonical Ltd
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