Triage/migration report: 32 Oct 2019

Bryce Harrington bryce.harrington at
Wed Oct 23 20:06:17 UTC 2019

== Triage ==
Date range identified as: "Wednesday triage"
Found 13 bugs

LP: #1840963 - (Expired)        [vsftpd]         - 500 OOPS: unrecognised variable in config file: ssl_tlsv1_1
* Was a user error, they just didn't know how to close it as invalid.
--> Closed as invalid

Of the remainder, half were libvirt/qemu bugs just getting closed as
fixed, or other state changes.  No triager action needed.  Just one of

LP: #1848556 - *(Triaged)       [qemu]           - qemu-img check failing on remote image in Eoan
* Reporter has checked the PPA and confirms behavior is fixed.
* Guessing next step will be to roll fix into package for SRU review?
--> Not sure on action, maybe assign to Christian?

Another half were spam to apache2 by a "Chinese girl" about shoes.

== Backlog ==
LP: #1800040 - (Triaged)        [bacula]         - bacula-fd segfault on status client from Bat
* User had provided slightly more information the backtrace, but still
  is not fully diagnosed.  As per Robie's initial triage, it's a low
  priority issue we could look at if a fix/patch were identified.  None
  of the more recently collected info seems to change that assessment,
  so the backlog seems like the best place for it.
--> No triaging action needed.

== Proposed Migration ==

28 packages needing attention

* Bulk of these look like they are depending on perl or python, and
  guessing they're affected by ongoing transitions.  Didn't look

* asterisk / mysql-8.0
  - Error is "Unable to connect to remote asterisk"
  - No one had done a re-test, so just triggered that, in case it's just

* memcached, tmux, unbound: Look green, only 3 days old, & marked
  "Candidate".  Guessing they're just waiting in queue.


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