Triage and Proposed migration report Nov 13th

Bryce Harrington bryce.harrington at
Wed Nov 13 19:27:27 UTC 2019

## Proposed Migration ##

* nspr and nss both appear blocked by a test failure in notary:

    set.go:9:2: cannot find package ""
    blobs.go:13:2: cannot find package ""

  We're tracking this issue on LP: #1851695 & Deb #944346; there is a
  fix proposed for it now:

  The patch description is a bit unclear, but sounds like the fix may be
  revealing a secondary bug?

* ruby-defaults looks blocked by a variety of packages, poking through
  logs looks like general theme is autopkgtests failing to find
  dependencies they need.

  I couldn't locate a bug report for the ruby issues, but looks like
  this is a transition so guessing it's getting attention elsewhere?

* Postgresql blocked by variety of packages, but for different reasons,
  - check-postgres:
     Failed test 'Action 'connection' fails on nonexisting socket'
  - postgresql-11:
     not ok 2 - postgresql-plpython-11 installed
     Failed test 'postgresql-plpython-11 installed'
  - wal2json:
     ### installcheck 11 ###
     pg_buildext: error: /usr/lib/postgresql/11/bin/pg_config does not exist

## Triage ##

Date range identified as: "Wednesday triage"
Found 16 bugs
13 of those were no-action, the other three:

LP: #1851741 - (Incomplete)     [mysql-8.0]      - Unable to lock ./ibdata1 error: 11
* Reporter unable to provide requested reproduction steps
* I dug through the logs and noticed a couple interesting errors that
  might have caused the problem, but no smoking gun.
  - Kernel log show an AppArmor DENIAL for mysql
  - Mysql error log shows mysqlx couldn't create lock file
* Google shows "error 11" as a commonly encountered problem.
--> Left open as incomplete for now, in hope repro steps will be identified

LP: #1852104 - (New)            [sosreport]      - Passing --label or --name (deprecated) does nothing
* Support for these labels was enabled on Redhat but not Debian/Ubuntu.
* There is a simple fix upstream for this.  Not sure if it's worth SRUing.
--> Set as Triaged/Medium + tagged 'bitesize'.

LP: #1851792 - (Incomplete)     [mysql-8.0]      - package mysql-server 8.0.17-0ubuntu2 failed to install/upgrade: problèmes de dépendances - laissé non configuré
* Reporter followed Andreas' directions to reinstall and it worked.
--> Closed bug at reporter's request

Of the no-action bugs, just two worth noting:

LP: #1580385 - (Fix Committed)  [lua-lpeg]       - /usr/bin/nmap:11:hascaptures:hascaptures:hascaptures:hascaptures:hascaptures
* SRU is marked confirmed, presumably will get accepted by SRU team at
  this point
--> No action

LP: #1825010 - (Won't Fix)      [sosreport]      - [sru] Update sosreport to 3.8
* slashd landed fix in focal, looks like he plans to SRU to all stable
--> No action

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